Mr.Harold Chiang Mai Zoo Founder


Chiang Mai Zoo was establish in 1974 (A.D.) by Mr. Harold Mason Young an American missionary who came to Thailand as a volunteer to teach survival skill to soldiers on Thailand’s border. He rented a piece of land to take care of rescued animal which has been injured by hunters at the time and when the animal are recovered he started his reintroduction by return them to the jungle, but there were some very weak animal suffered from badly the wounds and some could not be able to survive or foraging in the jungle.

So Mr. Young took kept them at his animal shelter. Later on he opened his private zoo to the public as an animal education centre. When the number of animal increased he co-operated with Chiang Mai provincial government to approve the extension of the area where animal are kept to 9.6 hectares of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. His animal educational centre opened on 6th April 1940. After Mr. Harold Mason Young passed away in 1974 the Chiang Mai provincial government transferred this small private zoo to the Zoological Park Organization and sustainable developing to be the official zoo of Chiang Mai since 16th June 1977. Chiang Mai Zoo has more than 80 hectares, houses more than 2,000 animal in an evergreen setting comprising two waterfalls, reservoirs, an open camping spots and research conservation areas. Chiang Mai Zoo also offers some spectacular views of Chiang Mai and provides lots of recreation and other facilities.